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Brokerage Back Office System
Brokerage back office system is a Web-based solution for the brokerage firms to facilitate keeping track of the day to day operations of the firm regarding both the trading opera-tions (Orders – Executions – Invoices – Settlements – Stock Balances – Accounts …etc.) and accounting operations (G/L operations – Cheques – Treasury … etc.).

Trading Operations

The purpose for which the list is prepared defines the proce-dures of its issuance and de-termines its final form. The main purpose of prepar-ing shareholders’ list of the issuer can be summarized as follow: -

  • Buying stock
  • Selling stock
  • Same day operation
  • Handling DVP clients: which enables brokerage firms to place buying orders without payment till the settlement of the transaction and delivery of the shares.

Accounting operations

  • Add cash dividends to shareholder account directly from Custodian, Clearing & Settlement Agency
  • G/L transaction
  • PDC Handling: Handling of the Post Dated Cheques re-garding the due dates, the list of cheques to be collected, which cheques on which banks, etc…
  • Cash handling
  • Treasury
  • Bank accounts (Investor, Brokers)


Accounting Reports
  • Client Balances.
  • Detailed balances
  • Current balance
  • Balance on hold
  • Balance to be received
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Back office transactions in a period
  • Commotions
  • Cash flow
Operational reports
  • Account officers commotions
Trading reports
  • Client invoices
  • Client orders
  • Client transactions
  • Book keeper commissions
Historic reports
  • Order book report
  • Log reports


General Features

Compliance with Different Shareholders Balances lev-els.

 Extensive reporting.

Multiple levels of security access.

Digital signature support.

Efficient graphical user in-terface.

24/7 support availability Integration with SWIFT.

 Pay as you go pricing scheme.

About Nile Information Technology & Dissemination

Nile Information Technology & Dissemination (NITD) is established by MCDR, the national Clearing, Settlement & Depository of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt and other investors. NITD is specialized in the area of financial applications, digital signature, security and compliance as well as providing SWIFT managed services. Through partnerships with leading global solution providers, NITD represents an array of financial applications for the capital market, financial institutions, corporates and government. NITD built the first SWIFT service Bureau in Egypt, offering services to over 60 Egyptian and international financial institutions. NITD provides network & Internet authentication solutions based on digital certificates for communicating and conducting authenti-cated business, which is essential for global eTrade. NITD provides solutions and services to automate and integrate the roles of different key players in the capital market. NITD hosts its applications and services in an ISO27001 certified data center providing a safe and secured environment to all our cli-ents.

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