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Nile Information Technology & Dissemination (NITD) is established by MCDR, the national Clearing, Settlement & Depository of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt and other investors. NITD mission is to provide IT solutions and Services to Stimulate the Economy NITD is specialized in the area of financial applications, digital signature, security and compliance as well as provid-ing SWIFT managed services. Through partnerships with leading global solution providers, NITD represents an array of financial applications for the capital market, financial institutions, corporates and government. NITD built the first SWIFT service Bureau in Egypt, offering services to over 60 Egyptian and international financial institutions. NITD provides network & Internet authentication solutions based on digital certificates for communicating and con-ducting authenticated business, which is essential for global eTrade. NITD provides solutions and services to automate and integrate the roles of different key players in the capital mar-ket. NITD hosts its applications and services in an ISO27001 certified data center providing a safe and secured environ-ment to all our clients.

Financial Applications

Clearing & Settlement System

The clearing and settlement system is an integrated so-lution for Clearing & Settlement Companies that covers all aspects of the settlement and clearing of the securi-ties positions for stock brokerage companies resulting from the buying and selling transactions executed on the Stock Exchange (S.E) under which money is credited or debited.

Brokerage companies Back Office System

Brokerage Trading companies need a Back-End software to take their business to the level where they can pro-vide services to their clients efficiently and effectively. The System integrates with any Front-End financial module that the Brokerage company already uses. The sys-tem is a multi-bank, multi-currency and multi lingual with a modular architecture. The system offers a com-prehensive support and STP within a single window for the entire business processing chain: from front-office transaction and order entry, through trade execution and settlement, up to custody and accounting.

Issuer Companies Shares Profiling System

A complete solution that provides a full profile for the shares of the share issuer companies. IT can give a snap-shot of the companies ownership structure at any given time, variation in the share price in a specific period and details of the transactions executed in these share in a specific period. The system can provide also a categori-zation for the company ownership structure.


SWIFT Service Bureau

SWIFT: a highly secure and reliable global financial mes-saging infrastructure spanning more than 200 countries. A single, shared IP-based messaging platform:
SWIFTNet. Industry recognized standards to improve automation and advance liquidity management. Guaran-teed delivery. Third party non-repudiation. The highest levels of encryption and authentication technology avail-able. 24/7/365 customer support.

  • Reduce costs and risk
  • Improve auditing processes, ensuring easier compliance
  • Increase straight-through processing (STP)
  • Optimize cash and liquidity management
  • Streamline operations
  • Focus on continuity and security
  • Global reach

NileIT offered Services
  • Implementation of SWIFTNet Connectivity
  • SWIFT-Certified Experts
  • Local onsite assistance
  • Smooth implementations of SWIFT software
  • Regular upgrades and health checks
  • Timely and trouble-free migrations
  • Effective integration of SWIFTSolutions


Digital Signature

  • Securing Information: Encrypting sensitive information at all stages of its lifecycle is a proven method of keeping it safe from hackers. Strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption through digital certificates ensures that the encrypted information can only be used by authorized parties.
  • Securing Websites and E-Commerce: Uncovering and alerting IT organizations to vulnerabilities in their server/ site’s technical configuration or security procedures that could be exploited by hackers, and providing advice or solutions to eliminate them.
    Products& Solutions
    Digital Certificates, SSL, Email Certificates, Code Signing, PKI Solution

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